Spray Foam Roofing
Harry Bunfil Sr. In the early days.

Our Company entered into the roofing and protective coatings business thirty years ago.
At that time we used conventional materials such as plastic cement, fiberglass, fibered asbestos asphalt coatings, and cold process materials to repair, patch, and coat existing roofs. New roofs were almost exclusively applied with hot asphalt and plies of roofing felts. These conventional products were extremely susceptible to failure due to hot and cold contraction and expansion increased by extreme freezing and thawing cycles. In the mid-seventies, we discovered urethane spray foam and elastomeric coatings. Eventually, we came across some corrugated metal roofs that had foam and coating applied over five years previously. The roofs had not leaked a drop since the day they were completed. We were immediately sold on the product. Two years of leak free service on these types of metal roofs with conventional materials was exceptional, and over five years was unheard of.
We plunged into the urethane spray foam business headfirst. Our experience with high production airless spray equipment made the transition natural. Since that time, the success of the product and growth of our business has exceeded our expectations. Over the past 27 years, our company has grown up with the Urethane Foam Roofing Industry. We plan to take our pride of workmanship along with our meticulous attention for quality and detail forward into the 21st century providing premium service to our customers for the next 27 years and beyond. Our company has grown, strategies have been altered, but our goal has remained the same, to offer our customers with the most technologically advanced roofing system backed by superior workmanship. This goal differentiates our company from competitors and emphasizes quality.

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