Spray Foam Roofing

In October of 2005, the State of California enacted a state mandate that all commercial buildings and multi-family units that have air-conditioned space must comply with California Title 24 minimum standards. From a roofing perspective, this means that all roofs that fit the description above must have Cool Roof Coatings that are approved by the CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council). Enforcement of this mandate was lax until late 2008. For more technical information visit www.coolroofs.org

Who is the typical Cool Roof client?

•  Commercial or Multi-family unit property owners that are involved in a buy or sell of this type of property
•  A building owner that would like to get an extended service life out of a current roofing system
•  Building owners that would like to have reduced energy costs as well as extended roof life
•  Building owners that are being forced to comply with Title 24 requirements

What types of existing roofing systems are Cool Roof Systems installed?

•  Spray Foam roofs where the warranty period is expired and a Cool Roof / Recoat System is needed to reinstall a new warranty period
•  Built-up asphalt roofs that have few or no leaks
•  Black EPDM roofs that have no leaks
•  PVC roof systems that have no leaks
•  TPO roof systems that have no leaks
•  Metal roof systems that have few or no leaks

* Cool Roof Systems are not and should not be sold as new roof systems. The degree of waterproofing depends on the roofing system below the Cool Roof System. The sole purpose of Cool Roof Systems is for both reflectivity and emissivity. With a Cool Roof System in place, you can expect a far extended service life of the existing roofing system, reduced energy costs, and reduced maintenance cost.

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