Spray Foam Roofing

Green Roofing Systems are anything but new. They have been used all over the world for centuries. The methods used for Green Roofing Systems, however, are new. Conventional roofing systems (PVC, TPO, EPDM, & Asphalt) deal with Green Roofing Systems in various ways, all of which require many more steps in the roofing process. You as the end user pay a $$$ PREIMUM $$$ for these additional steps. In the end, all you are really getting is a very expensive and overpriced conventional roof with plants on top. As with all things new and “GREEN,” the price tag is often more than most of us can afford.

When you use the Spray Foam Roofing System as your roofing membrane rather than the above mentioned conventional roofing systems, you can cut several steps out of the Green Roofing process. This saves an enormous amount of money without sacrificing quality and overall long-term effectiveness.

Below are the key components that come standard with Spray Foam Roofing Systems that are imperative for a successful Green Roofing System.

•  The roofing system must be insulated to protect plants from freeze/thaw cycles
•  The roofing system must be non-organic to deter root growth into the roofing membrane
•  The roofing system must be a long-term and sustainable waterproofing solution

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With Spray Foam Roofing as your Green Roof Roofing membrane, your Green Roof will last FOREVER!  U.V. is the only element that breaks down Spray Foam Roofing.  If the Spray Foam Roofing membrane is buried under the Green Roof, the roof will last indefinitely.

HB Urethane Roofing works together with Habitat Gardens to deliver the best and most cost effective Green Roofing Solution available today.  We install the Spray Foam Roofing membrane and drainage systems and Habitat Gardens installs everything from the filter fabric to the plants.  Habitat Gardens is well versed in both intensive and extensive Green Roof design and installation.  Together we can provide the best Green Roofing System at a far less cost than the competition. It is our goal together with Habitat Gardens to make this innovative and beautiful process both functional and affordable for everyone. Please visit www.habitatgarden.com for more Green Roofing System designs and ideas.


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