Spray Foam Roofing
Spray-applied polyurethane foam has been in use in North America for more than 30 years. Owners, municipalities, architects, along with state and federal government have joined experienced contractors in identifying a broad range of benefits. Some benefits include, high durability, performance, energy efficiency, lower maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and low environmental impact.
The Urethane Roofing spray-applied polyurethane roofing system:
Never worry about your roof leaking again
This is a roof that actually is a system that is fully integrated with the building by not just keeping the elements out, but by controlling and maintaining a static environment
It is the last roof you will ever buy!
Reduces energy use – high R-values and no fasteners to create thermal bridging.
Installs quickly, simply – fastest new construction method available; often eliminates need for complete tear-off, minimizes exposure during roofing.
Is seamless – seals cracks and holes while insulating deck from temperature extremes.
Self-adheres – no special adhesives or fasteners are needed and wind uplift ratings are the best in the roofing industry.
Self-flashes – no additional materials or labor are needed around vents, skylights, or ducts.
Extends building life – eliminates damage from thermal expansion and contraction.
Longevity – will last the lifetime of the building with periodic recoats every ten to fifteen years depending upon the original specification.
Eliminates added weight to the roof – structural building costs can be reduced.
Fits all shapes of deck – including domes and geometric shapes.
If damaged – allows seamless, inexpensive repairs to any area.
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